What are The 5 Elements of Health? Part 2

The 5 Elements of Health

So now that you understand the first Element – Proper Function. Here is the second Element – Proper Fitness.

Element 2 – Proper Fitness

Proper Fitness does require exercise. This is because exercise allows your body to take in higher levels of oxygen and creates lean muscle that keeps both your body and mind healthy. Exercise helps you reduce fat, reduce stress, improve heart and lung function and improve your overall function and health. Studies have shown that exercise consistently matches or exceeds the benefits of antidepressants for those suffering from depression.

New Smyrna Beach Chiropractor - Dr. Don Walsh, DC

New Smyrna Beach Chiropractor – Dr. Don Walsh, DC

A lot of people think that if they exercise then they will start to look like a body builder or something like that. Well you can exercise to look like that if you want to but, you don’t have to. What exercise you do should be designed so that it improves your ability to perform the activities that you do on a regular basis; such as playing a sport, walking the dog, gardening, house work, and even your daily job.

Oxygen is a powerful catalyst for health. Driving oxygen deep down to the cellular level facilitates an internal healing environment for the human body.

The right type of exercise program can strategically create muscle mass, accelerate fat loss, and activate metabolic changes to stabilize and even reverse most degenerative diseases. Proper Fitness strategies are effective, results based, life changing programs designed for the health conscious person with the most demanding schedule.

A lot of people get stuck in the rut with exercise and workouts. They get boring, they aren’t seeing results or even worse they don’t have a goal that they are working towards.

Tips for Proper Fitness and Exercise

First, set a GOAL

Having a goal gives a person direction and an end point. When you have a fitness goal, say running non-stop in a 5K run, then you can track your progress and see results. You can also tell if you are on the right track.

Plus it is great motivation to keep going.

Second, find someone to help you

For a lot of people starting out on a journey of Fitness they get lost just knowing where to start and many people have never truly exercised before and are very nervous. This is where finding a good coach or trainer comes in. A good coach or trainer will sit down with you, talk about your fitness goals, talk about any current limitations to activities, and then set up a program to help you achieve your goals. They will also offer regular meetings or training sessions to track progress and make any changes that you may need.

And lastly, set a reward

This last one is very often overlooked. Set a reward for yourself for when you accomplish your fitness goal. You should make it something big enough to keep you wanting to work for it. Rewards such as a weekend get-a-way, a new bicycle, that dress you have been wanting or in my case a new surfboard will help keep you motivated when the going gets tough.

Remember Health is a Journey and NOT a Destination. Make it fun and make it exciting.


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