What are the 5 Elements of Health? Part 1

The 5 Elements of Health

There are many ways of looking at health and how to stay healthy. But when it is really broken down there are 5 main elements. They are:

  • Proper Function
  • Proper Fitness
  • Proper Pure Nutrition
  • Proper Stress Management
  • Proper Hydration

Today we are going to cover the first Element – Proper Function

Element 1 – Proper Function

Science has proven the superiority of the nervous system in controlling and coordinating all function and healing inside of the human body.

New Smyrna Beach Chiropractor - Dr. Don Walsh, DC

New Smyrna Beach Chiropractor – Dr. Don Walsh, DC

Since the nervous system controls every organ in the body, any interference to this system will cause an overall lowering of the body’s healing potential causing a decrease in function. This decrease in function can lead to disease.

Life activities such as the birthing process, slips and falls, car accidents, athletic injuries, distorted ergonomics and sitting/standing posture, as well as poor lifting and bending technique can cause any of the 24 movable

vertebrae of the spinal column to move out of alignment.

When these mis-alignments interfere with the electrical life-giving messages being transmitted from the brain through the spinal cord and out to the body’s other organs, it is termed a subluxation. Subluxations interfere with neurological function, lowering health potential, thus allowing sickness and dis-eased cells to grow in the body.

The chiropractor’s primary concern is the restoration of proper spinal and postural balance by way of specific, scientific adjustments, most often done by hand, and specific exercises based on your body’s specific imbalance.

Posture = Performance


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