The Secret to Weight Loss

Everyone is looking for a “Magic Pill” or “Miracle Device” to lose weight, get healthy, and feel younger. Well I am here to tell you that there is a “SECRET” to weight loss. In fact it has been such a well kept secret that most people and even most doctors do not know it.

I know the suspense is killing you so I won’t take any more time and I will explain the secret to you.

It is quit simply that the hormone that controls if you store/gain fat or burn fat is insulin. Yes the same hormone that is used in diabetics. Insulin is the hormone that transfers carbohydrates and protein into both muscle cells and fat cells. As insulin increases more carbohydrates are deposited in the fat cells. This makes you FATTER. As insulin levels stay lower, insulin deposits protein into muscles. This makes you LEANER .The more carbohydrates you consume the more insulin your body releases and the more FAT you store. If you keep your insulin levels low and controlled you will BURN FAT.

So how do you control insulin. Simple. Control the number of carbohydrates you consume and you do this by avoiding high carbohydrate foods. These foods include breads, pasta, rice, potatoes, cereal, oat meal, large quantities of fruit (especially berries and bananas), and soda products. Sounds simple doesn’t it. People always ask “so what do I eat now?”

That is simple too. Eat good sources of protein and fats. These include good steak, salmon, tuna, shellfish, chicken, turkey, deer, eggs, bison, you name it any meat is usually good meat. Then eat green leafy vegetables, cheese (hard cheeses and no American cheese), and low glycemic index fruits like cucumbers and tomatoes.

When you eat like this you will become a FAT BURNING MACHINE instead of a FAT STORING DISEASE CAUSING MACHINE. So you will be hungry. My answer to this is EAT. Don’t go hungry and never become starving. That is a sure way to eat the wrong foods and overeat.

Tip: If eating enough throughout the day or time is a problem use a good meal replacement. Make sure that the meal is low in carbohydrates and also has at least 25% of your vitamins and minerals per shake. I use and recommend Visalus an their shakes. You can see more information and order them here.

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