Happy New Year’s Reslolutions

With the start of the new year and 2011 upon us, many people will start the new year with resolutions.

I will lose weight. I will eat right. I will finish school. I will not spend too much money. The list is literally endless. Whatever someone desires to change they will often put it on the “New Year’s Resolution” list. But there is one big problem with this. How many people do you know that h

ave successfully accomplished a New Year’s Resolution? Well if you are like me, not many.

But wait there is hope.

Here are some tips to help you accomplish those RESOLUTIONS and become an odd ball.

1. Pick 1-3 resolutions. This is because studies show that you are only able to focus on one habit at a time. It also takes on average 21-28 days to change one habit and replace it with a new habit.

2. Choose a small (quick) but important resolution to work on first. This will help keep you motivated when you accomplish the first resolution. Motivation is a big thing.

3. Write it down. Having a resolution without writing it down is just a dream. Writing it down makes it more real and allows you to outline why you want to accomplish this resolution and also as a way to keep track of progress.

4. Tell everyone. This helps with the motivational factors and also makes your friends and family aware that you are trying to change a habit.

5. Don’t give up, don’t quit. Even if you have a relapse on a resolution. Don’t give up. Just start it over with full confidence you will make it.

Good luck to everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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