Do You Think You Have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

Do you think that you might have carpel tunnel syndrome? Maybe, then again maybe not?

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a disease where the median nerve (this is the nerve that supplies sensation to the palmer surface of the hand, thumb, and first 2 fingers) is compressed at the wrist in the area called the carpel tunnel. This results in pain and/or numbness in that particular part of the hand and fingers.

That sounds easy right. Pain and/or numbness in the hand and you have carpel tunnel syndrome. Not so fast.

There are a other reasons why someone can suffer with pain and/or numbness in the hand(s) and to quickly diagnose someone with carpel tunnel before ruling out the other options is not accurate and can lead to unnecessary surgery. The many other reasons for carpel tunnel like symptoms will be discussed in the next blog.

Now many people with carpel tunnel syndrome don’t need surgery and can actually correct the problem in a matter of a few weeks with the proper care. The first thing you must do if you think you have carpel tunnel syndrome is to stop or reduce the activities that increase your symptoms. Second, consult a doctor who treats carpel tunnel syndrome (many chiropractors treat carpel tunnel syndrome without surgery) to determine if you have carpel tunnel syndrome or if there is another reason for your symptoms. And third, if you do have carpel tunnel syndrome there are some exercises and therapies that can help to restore your health.

The use of a wrist brace while sleeping often times reduces the symptoms dramatically and you will most likely be prescribed one by your healthcare provider.

Chiropractors can help with carpel tunnel by restoring the biomechanics of the carpel tunnel. This will remove the pressure one the nerve and reduce, if not eliminate, your carpel tunnel symptoms.

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