Carpel Tunnel Syndrome? Avoid the Knife!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Operation

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Operation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you been told that you have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or CTS? Does a loved one have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome? Have you been told that you have to have surgery? Do you even know what Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is?

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, otherwise know at CTS, is a condition where the median nerve get pinched at the wrist. The nerve gives sensation to the first three fingers of the hand. This is why you have pain or numbness in the hand and fingers. The last 2 fingers get their sensation from the ulnar nerve and is not related to CTS. The median nerve also control muscles of the hands and can cause weakness in the hands, especially grip strength.

There are many doctors performing CTS surgery, and for a few people this is the best option especially if your symptoms are caused by a tumor or cyst, but for most people suffering from CTS symptoms surgery is not necessary and in fact can be very detrimental.  It can even lead to long lasting disability and pain.

So what are you to do? Well there are many proven treatments for CTS that do not include surgery. Acupuncture, Chiropractic, therapy, low level laser therapy, rehabilitation, ice, and massage just to name a few. So before you decide to go under the knife consider your other options. It could save you from a life of suffering.

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