Car Accident Risk, Don’t Be A Statistic

Did you know that your risk of being involved in a car accident this year is 1 in 4?

Did you know that the average American will be involved in 1 car accident for every 5 years that they drive.

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These accidents include everything from the “little fender-bender” to the complete total destruction accidents.

Fortunately not every accident results in personal injuries, but about 50% of all car accidents do result in injuries. And the funny thing is that you can’t look at the damage to the vehicle and determine if a person has been injured or not. It seems that you should be able to but there are so many variables to consider that it’s impossible to do so. For more than 50 years the US government, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), medical schools and auto insurance companies have all performed studies to try and determine what type of accident should cause injuries and even what type of injuries and all their studies have shown is that they cannot determine whether an injury will occur, or the type of injury that will occur, for any type of accident.

What their studies has shown is that more than 3,000,000 (this is larger than the population of South Carolina) people will be injured in “little fender-bender” type accidents every single year. Their studies also show that there is absolutely no correlation to the amount of damage to a vehicle and the amount or type of injury to the occupant.

Their studies also show that every year these “little fender-bender” type accidents will leave 1,500,000 people (the is the population of Nebraska) in constant and never-ending chronic pain and, more than 300,000 people (this is the population of Wyoming) will become disabled! Every year, and all from a “little fender-bender” accident.

These numbers show why, if you are involved in a “little fender-bender” accident, seek care immediately to prevent long term injury. Although the insurance company wants you to believe that your pain will either disappear by itself or that your pain is all in your head, the facts speak for themselves. Do not delay seeking care. The longer you wait to seek care, the higher the percentage increase that you will become another accident victim that has to endure lifelong chronic pain or even disability.

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