Avoid the Holiday Gains. 5 easy steps to avoid the added weight.

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The average American will pack on 10-15 pounds of excess weight this holiday season. This is very discouraging for many and even depressing for others. But here is some good news, YOU don’t have to pack it on. Here are some simple but not always easy steps to take to keep from adding that extra poundage.

Step 1 Don’t pick

This means don’t grab the snacks and cookies and all the other highly sugared sweats that are sitting around during the holiday season. Many people add a few thousand calories a day this way. It can be very hard with all of the holiday parties at work, in the neighborhood, and with family.

Step 2 Keep Exercising

This is crucial. Many people stop exercising during the holiday season because they feel they don’t have the time. This may be the most important time of year to exercise. Exercise not only reduces and helps maintain body weight, but it also helps reduce stress and boosts the immune system. Ever wonder why people “catch” colds more often during this time of year. That’s right. It’s because they stop exercising.

So even if you have  curtail some of the time you spend exercising during the holidays, DON’T STOP!

Step 3 No Seconds

This can be very hard for almost everyone. Having seconds and often times thirds during the holiday season is very easy. With all the delicious foods and fun friends and family. But this can lead to a few thousand calories more then you were expecting. So take just one plate.

Step 4 Desert

Here is a tough one. Everyone wants desert. The sweet tasting pies and cakes that are just so tempting. But they are a major source of calories. So if you decide to partake in desert do so in small quantities and only one serving.

Step 5 Alcohol and Finger Foods

Holiday parties are loaded with free alcohol and finger foods and when most people attend a holiday party they drink and eat the entire time. Avoid the over consumption of both. This takes will power and determination but you can do it.

These were just some of the ways of avoiding the added holiday poundage that so many Americans will experience this holiday season.

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