A Real Pain in the Neck. Whiplash and Car Accidents

A car crash in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A car crash in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine you are sitting at a red light just waiting for the light to turn green. You are not in a rush so you are relaxed and just listening to your favorite radio station when all of a sudden there is a violent slam from the back of your car. You didn’t expect the impact so you didn’t have a chance to brace yourself. Your body, neck, and head are thrown around violently. Your heart is racing and the first thoughts are “oh my gosh I was just in a major accident.” You do a quick check to make sure nothing is broken and that you are not bleeding. The adrenaline is flowing and you are starting to get angry because you think your car is totaled, your body is starting to hurt, and a massive headache is setting in. So you get out of your “must be totaled” car and start the process of calling the police and examining the damage. When you get to the back of your car you look and am in complete shock, there is almost no damage to your car. Just a few scratches. The other car is in the same condition. You are confused because the impact felt a lot worse then what the cars look like. You neck is starting to hurt more and more, the headaches is pounding and causing your eyes to tear up, and your low back is making it difficult to even stand up. You think what are you going to do, no one will believe that you got hurt in an accident where your car wasn’t totaled.

This is all to common and a major problem in our society today. There is a huge MYTH that to be injured in a car accident that there must be major damage to the car. Insurance companies have spent 10’s of millions of dollars over the years promoting this MYTH that you can’t get hurt where there is little to no visible damage to the vehicles. It is call the “No Crash, No Cash” policy or “MIST” (Minor Impact Soft Tissue) where they place the victims into a potential fraud file.

The truth is that there is no minimum speed and amount of damage required to get injured in a car accident. There are case studies that have shown that injuries occur at speeds as low as 2.5 miles per hour. Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you that you couldn’t have been hurt because there was no damage to your car.  That you are not telling the truth about being hurt or worse that you are faking it. Millions of people each year are injured as a result of an accident that results in little to no damage to the vehicles. Even worse is that millions of people will suffer a permanent injury that causes constant daily pain and a large percentage will become disabled.

If you are victim of a car accident of any sort follow these easy steps to help prevent permanent injury.

  1. Call the police immediately and obtain a police report. Even if it was your fault. Some states require this.
  2. Call your insurance company to inform them that you were in an accident and obtain a case file.
  3. Do not sign anything from the insurance company or companies. Often times you can be signing away your rights.
  4. Call my office. We will get your care started as soon as possible. The sooner you start care the better your results.
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